Hebrew A Pot Of T - Part 7

In The Crypt IC Message: The coded information we are about to uncover is cleverly hidden in plain sight and, like any coded message, completely invisible, or unintelligible, if you are unaware of it. The word cryptic actually means having a meaning that is mysterious or obscure. Other synonyms, or words meaning the same, include enigmatic and puzzling. Those of us familiar with cryptic crosswords will already know that answers are revealed by arranging letters and word components derived from reading the clue. Many single letters and pairs of letters have some associated meaning which may be mentioned as part of the clue. For example, L = learner (or student) and V = victory. Even if we don’t do crosswords we are familiar with some of these letters, as we use them on the roads, such as L, S, T & U. Examples of pairs of letters used in cryptic crosswords can include things like RE, meaning regarding, RA, for Royal Artillery, OP, for output or operation, IP for input, and SP for odds, or starting price, etc. In the enigma some pairs of letters have an analogous association which relates to everyday concepts we are familiar with, such as PE for physical education, relating to getting fit, and A&R for artists and repertoire, relating to individual performance and getting your act together.

T RIP lets! Familiar triplets are also used in the code, such as RIP, meaning rest in peace, or copy an image. EST, meaning established. ENG meaning engineer. GEN, meaning knowledge or information. CHR, meaning character, etc. As well as pairs, triplets, and single letters we are already familiar with, each letter of the alphabet has a word or concept associated with it, some pairs have an alternative meaning also. Depending on the instance, the letter(s) in question may represent the noun, as in learner, or the verb as in learn, or an adjective. As we progress we are going to expand significantly on cryptic principles, which include anagrammatic content, substitution, inferences, pairs and triplets of letters, colloquialisms and words within words, as well as numeric content relating to the alphabet and where we are now in time. Scattered throughout the English language there are certain significant keywords, relevant to life and times. To decode the message, we need to break these keywords into their component parts, splitting them into sub-words, single letters, pairs, and triplets. We isolate the components and substitute keywords for letters where appropriate. Not just any words will work. As with any code, they have to be the right ones. Once we have applied our decoding technique, we can relate what we come up with to the original keyword to reveal the message.

Age Of Mess: As we are uncovering a message, a very simple and convenient starting point is the word ‘MESSAGE’ itself, which can be broken into the two components, or sub-words, ‘MESS’ and ‘AGE’. Think stone age, dark age, middle age, MESS AGE, or age of mess! Most would agree that we are currently living in an age of mess on this planet. This is as a result of many things. For a start, the misinterpretation and perversion of God’s message has been a great contributor. Many people out there seem to think they know, and are qualified to tell you what God thinks in the name of religion, but they can’t seem to agree with each other as to exactly what the message is. Of course, it isn’t just religion that has contributed to the age of mess, other unhelpful and ungodly traits such as greed, selfishness, exploitation, ignorance and lack of consideration are all factors and this is all covered once we have cracked the Enigma and decoded the message. What better time than in this AGE of MESS for a MESSAGE from God designed to help put the MESS AGE right! You may think this example is a bit tenuous and completely coincidental but this is just the very beginning of a very deliberate, extensive, and very clever encrypted cryptic message. And so, we begin!

The Imitation IN GAME: ENIGMA is a strange word, the letters of which can be rearranged to make a variety of different keywords. For start, we can make ‘IN GAME’, ‘AIM GEN’ and ‘ME GAIN’. The cryptic inference being that the answer is in the game, the aim of the game is to get to the gen, and if you can get to the gen you will gain in some way. Other anagrams are ‘I AM ENG’, ‘I AM GEN’, ‘ENG AIM’, ‘AIM GEN’. God is telling us he is the engineer, he is the knowledge and the aim is to get knowledge. Interestingly, removing the letter N, leaves us with the anagram IMAGE. Each single letter of the alphabet has its own meaning in the cryptic puzzle, but more of this later. GEN, meaning knowledge or information, is a significant keyword present in many significant words, such as GENE, GENESIS, GENT, OXYGEN, etc. GEN is also an anagram of ENG, which is an abbreviation for engineer but also an abbreviation for England and English. The land and language of God’s final message to mankind. Crosstalk by Taz: December 2018

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