Hebrew A Pot Of T - Part 8

Obvious Wordplay: There some very obvious examples of wordplay in the English language which can give meaningful hints, such as LIVE backwards = EVIL, and GOD backwards = DOG. Being backward, or living a backward life, evil (or past tense devil) speaks for itself. However, DOG is not so obvious as they can be extremely loving and make a good pet. But think about it! Dogs are faithful to their owners, that is the people that feed them. In human terms this equates to the people who pay their wages. Dogs generally do not have a real ability to question, reason, or know better. They simply follow commands, as they are trained to do. Most of the forces that represent the powers-that-be in the world, armies, police forces, secret services, are of course exactly that, trained to follow orders without question. Even if this means carrying out immoral acts, such as persecuting, torturing and killing people, or going into someone else’s country and starting a war, such dogs and dogs of war, with blind obedience, will do exactly that! Dogs are also not very good at sharing and will stuff themselves at the expense of other dogs. So even though words like LIVE and GOD are very obvious and could be completely coincidental, there is an inference and message in there after all.

Substitution & Separation: Although in our word game there are several different ways to reveal messages, such as anagrams and obvious wordplay, much more information is revealed when we apply the decoding technique of substitution and separation, or word breakup. Using this technique, we substitute a meaningful word or concept for a letter by working out what the letter symbolizes or stands for. Such as, L = LEARN, LEARNER or LESSON, V = VICTORY, E = EXAMPLE, B = BEGIN, BEGINNING or BEGINNER, etc. Substitution can also be applied to pairs and triplets of letters which have an established meaning or a known cryptic meaning. When we break a keyword into two or more components by separating a letter, or letters, to leave a remaining word, we can start to see what is going on and start to reveal the message. Once we have done this with any keyword, we have to reference the result with the original keyword to get the message. In some cryptic instances, words are also substituted for the letters that sound like them. For example, B = be, C = see, R= are, U = you. Without going into too much detail at the moment, just a few simple pertinent examples of separation, or word breakup, are… TERROR, PEACE, JOINT, BONE, HEART, MUST, BEST, ABUSE, CAR, PLANET, PLANT, MESS, CHEAT, TEACH, TARGET, DOPE, FIRE, TONE, FEET, COVERT, TRAP, TREAD, COURT, PRETEND, RESPECT, ATONE. Can you work any of them out?

Alpha Be T: The complete Modern English alphabet has 26 letters which all have a sequential number running from A to Z. All have an inferred meaning but the ones we are particularly interested in at present, due to where we are in time, number 19, 20, 21 and 22. These are the letters S, T, U and V. They represent the 1900’s, 2000’s, 2100’s and 2200’s. We are already familiar with these as the first three represent situations on the roads, the S bend, T junction and U turn, or turnaround. V is of course synonymous with victory. T is a significant key letter in the Enigma, symbolic of truth, where we are now in time and a number of other things, such as freewill and where we should aim to be as human beings. The upper-case and lower-case character T also have different significance and we’ll get to that further on.

The ST Boundary: In The Story Of Mankind, there was a mention of the KT boundary, the extinction of the dinosaurs and the fact that dinosaurs still rule the Earth. It was also said we needed to ‘rock’ the planet again, to help eradicate such dinosaurs, especially the Tyrantosaurus Rex. This time, where we are now, it’s the ST boundary. The ST together represent the millennium, the change from the 1900’s into the 2000’s, leading up to revelations. There are a number of pertinent keywords starting and ending with ST, such as STOP, START, STILL, STONE, BEST, JUST, MUST, TEST. These all have significance which will become clearer as we go on, especially when we start to decode the alphabet and apply the technique of substitution to each of the twenty-six letters in it, as well as to pertinent pairs, triplets and other abbreviations.

Re V elations: In the meantime, what can we expect from these REVELATIONS? Well, using substitutes we are already familiar with and separating the components, we can get ‘RE’ for regarding, ‘V’ for victory, and the word ELATIONS, meaning ecstasies or joys. The inference or message being that regarding victory achieved through revelations, elations will be the result. Other words for elations are delights, jubilations, excitements, exultations, raptures, glees and euphoria. We shall see! To be continued… Crosstalk by Taz: January 2019

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