"Housing, in this country, is not about housing people, it is about making people rich!"

"Governments in recent times have allowed housing, one of life's most necessary and essential things,
to be used by the wealthy as a means of exploiting the ordinary people of this country!"

Housing Crisis
I think it is fair to say that a great many people have been very badly let down by recent governments, who have done little to address the gigantic leap in property prices, triggered by the failure to address a shortage in places for people to live. Maybe it suited certain members of government to do little because they have benefited from their own investments and vested interest in the property market, or maybe it is just another example of politicians failing to address a serious managerial issue that should be an everyday, and routine, part of their role. Whatever the case, the bottom line is that many people now cannot afford to break into the property market and many people cannot even afford to rent, as the price of rented accommodation is directly related to the price of property also. Now the situation is as bad as it is, it is fair to say that it will be hard to correct it without people being seriously penalised one way or the other, however, there are perhaps things that can be done to gradually make the situation better.

Crosstalk By Taz...
Vested Interest In The House

Bexley Council's Growth Strategy
How our local authority plotted underhandedly and covertly to redevelop people's homes without asking, citing them as poor-quality housing, so that they could capitalize and make lots of money out of Crossrail.

Over Populating Areas
It is true to say that we desperately need more housing, however, we don't want it all in the same place. We need a proportionate amount of green open and recreational space to walk dogs and play football, etc. Over populating areas causes massive problems in itself. If you treat people like battery hens they will not turn out to be the best quality and you will never get the best out of them.

Provision Of More Council Housing
A suggestion for local authorities to supplement the current level of council housing by redirecting housing benefit payments into mortgage payment schemes instead of paying large sums for private rented housing and bed and breakfast accommodation. It is far cheaper to buy a house by paying a mortgage than to rent from private landlords or pay out for bed and breakfast accommodation. After the mortgage payment period is up the house will then be owned by the council and available to be used for someone else or sold in the usual manner to the long-term occupants. Whatever the case the state will be getting something for its money and everyone will be a winner, except perhaps the unscrupulous landlords and the money people.

More Social Housing Desperately Needed
In 2012 housing associations in England built just fewer than 40,000 new properties. That's one home for every 45 households on the waiting list! We should be building around 250,000 homes every year to help try and meet the demand, so why haven't we, and why aren't we? As of 2017, 4.5 million people are waiting for a council house. Obviously they largely have no chance.Neighbourhood Watched, BBC1, April 2013.

Stop Property Being Bought By Non-UK Residents
For so many rich foreigners, UK property is merely as a cash cow and means of making them richer or even laundering money. Even new-build properties are bought up by people from China or Russia, for example, and then often left to stand empty. Essential services, of which providing housing is one, should not be used and exploited for profit at the expense of the ordinary people, when have to few houses as it is and far too many people still have nowhere to live. It's simple really, if you don't live here, you don't own the property.

Compulsory Purchase
Sometimes people are forced to move out and sell their homes in favour of development by compulsory purchase. This is usually not what they would wish and therefore they should be compensated for the inconvenience in the form of being given at least 10% over the best previous valuation before the announcement of any such scheme has affected prices.

Cap Rents, Not Benefits!
People are losing their homes and being asked to move into other areas where rents are cheaper. Why? Because the Government have capped benefits whilst rents are still allowed to be extortionately high. Of course, this benefits the rich and the greedy landlords, who are coining it in by charging obscene and excessive rents. However, it is hardly fair on the people that need somewhere to call home. The Government have badly let people down in a situation that the Government themselves have created through bad and selfish management of the housing situation in general.

Number Of Homeless People Rising Dramatically
More people than ever are stuck in temporary accommodation. In 2014 nearly 7,000 families or individuals were made homeless in London alone, after being evicted by private landlords. The exact number of evictions by private landlords was said to be 6,940, an increase of 700% since 2010. The number of people living in temporary accommodation in London now stands at 49,000, 74% of the total figure for England, and many more are sleeping on the street. The number of homeless people in London has actually increased by 94% in five years, with 255,000 people waiting endlessly on London's social housing waiting list.London Tonight 24th Sept 2015

Stop Unscrupulous Landlords Exploiting People
Perhaps, in a fairer world, we would wait until we have given every person one house before some start allowing people to collect additional ones. Some people have really exploited the housing problems in this country, buying up as many properties as they can and renting them out for unscrupulous amounts to the people who have no home and no hope of being able to afford one. Perhaps house ownership should be limited to one per person, or family, and in a fairer system, I'm sure that's how it would be.

Get Unscrupulous Landlords To Clean Up Their Act
A call for the Government to force unscrupulous landlords to adequately address and deal with serious issues such as mould, damp, overcrowding, and other unsavoury things that many tenants have to put up with. Many greedy landlords currently like to conveniently ignore such issues because it suits their fat wallets, however, standards should not be allowed to fall below a certain level when it comes to renting accommodation to people.

Housing Benefit - Landlords Get Ripped Off
A call for local authorities to pay housing benefit directly to landlords right from the word go, rather than paying the tenants, who can then spend the money on other things, rather than paying their rent. Housing benefit is essentially taxpayers' money that is allocated to people who cannot afford to pay for their own rent. It is for the sole purpose of covering their rent costs and yet, at the moment, it is quite possible for them to be paid the benefit directly and then avoid paying their rent.

Lift Time Restrictions On Caravan Accommodation
In many instances people are not allowed to live in static caravans for a complete year. This prohibits people from being able to reside permanently in such caravan accommodation. Due to successive governments and local authorities badly under providing on housing for people, housing prices and shortages have become overwhelming and too many people now have nowhere to live. Many people would be happy to make do with a caravan, but currently are not allowed to, this ridiculous regulation therefore needs to change in order to facilitate more accommodation for people in need.

Say No To Empty Homes
There are still far too many empty properties that could otherwise be a home to someone. Why are any, yet alone so many, properties sitting empty when there is a housing crisis? More needs to be done in the area of housing provision and yet thousands of properties currently remain empty and unoccupied, going to waste, when they could otherwise be utilised in that effort.

Support Mortgage Payments
A call for the DSS to support hard pressed parents and single mums with a sufficient mortgage payment rather than leaving them short to the extent where they get behind on their payments and lose their house. This ultimately means that they have to be rehoused in expensive rented accommodation or bed and breakfast at up to four times the expense. By observing the revised protocol the state will benefit financially and the family will be spared the emotional upheaval and turmoil of losing their house.

Allow Consideration Of Mortgage Shortfalls
A call for the DSS, who currently only pay a percentage of a person's interest leaving them sometimes with a significant shortfall, to allow people to lawfully earn their shortfall so as to be able to make up the difference. At the moment, there appears to be no mechanism for a person to be able to do this and therefore the only way they can sustain their mortgage payments is to unlawfully earn the money and not declare it, get more into debt, or have to rely on the charity of friends and relatives.

Housing Density
A suggestion to limit housing density in any given area and instead provide more green space. This then enables people to go about their business without tripping over each other and leads to a healthier lifestyle for all. It also means that people have somewhere nice to walk and children have places to play. These ingredients are currently sadly lacking in built up areas.

Segregation Of Housing And Industrial Areas
A suggestion to implement a policy of deliberately segregating industrial and community areas where possible, so that people do not have to put up with heavy lorries and industrial traffic running through the heart of their residential community.

Second Homes
A suggestion to prohibit the ownership of second homes, that are not being occupied on a fulltime basis, so as to free up more homes for people who currently do not have one. Anyone who can afford a second home can surely afford to rent accommodation in a hotel, or similar, if they want to go away somewhere. They don't need to hog a second home that someone else could otherwise be living in.

Rent To Buy - Is It A Con?
There are currently unscrupulous people out there offering the following... HOUSE FOR SALE BY OWNER! HANDYMAN SPECIAL! YOU FIX - YOU PROFIT! NO BANK MORTGAGE REQUIRED! BUY THIS HOUSE FOR £X AMOUNT PER WEEK! The problem being that the end deal may not be what they say it is....